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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Toelle, Sunflowers, and Hanging out

Christy has a pretty high stress job during the day and so does Ryan. They most like to come home and just hang out and be together. It was the perfect place for a big part of their shoot. Their home is just gorgeous with all kinds of great light! They are so relaxed together and have waited so long to finally be together. They are really a gift to each other.

I had so much fun chasing light with them and trying to hike into sunflower fields before the sun was completely down. Chad decided to take me four-wheeling in my mini van. I'm sure it was quite the site!

I am so excited about your wedding and the small, wonderful intimacy of it. It's going to be a great day!

The slideshow.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Brittney and Justin's gorgeous day!

Brittney looked so beautiful when she came out of the temple with Justin. They are such a great match for each other! Their family and friends were so happy for them. So many of the people that were at the wedding have watched their relationship over the years. What a great happy ending to dating and great beginning to their married life together.

The reception was at The 23rd Floor and the decorating for the reception was really beautiful...and I really loved her colors. The flowers were amazing and done by Every Blooming Thing. Once the night got going the dancing really got fun thanks to Justin and his brothers.

Thank you Brittney and Justin for inviting me to your wedding. I had a wonderful time with you and your very kind families!

The slideshow.

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Staci and Chad

I had a great time hanging out with Staci and Chad. We had fun looking up the canyons for a great place to flyfish, never found one, so we had some fun out on the trails and wildflowers. We walked around downtown a little just as it was getting dark. Totally love the city lights! Thanks for going with the flow you two. It was fun getting to know you.

Staci is a graphic designer for Disney and totally loves Disneyland...so...we're hoping to do a shoot there soon!

The slideshow.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Antiques and Tea

Rosemary looked amazing for her bridals. She was like a movie star out of the 1940s. I loved her great ideas, style, and her gorgeous dress. You probably remember that she's totally into vintage things from their get to know you shoot at the vintage salvage yard and The Blue Plate Diner. She kept with that theme for her bridals and I am in love with the way these turned out. (Thanks for great inspiration, Rosemary!)

She had the idea of going to an old antique shop in Salt Lake and then to a tea room. I was in heaven with all the great architecture and rich colors. Everything went so perfectly with Rosemary's dress and style!

Our last stop was the little vintage shop where Tyler bought her ring. Love that shot!

PS...thanks to Katherine, Rosemary's sister, for coming along, helping out with modeling cues, and keeping the sun in it's proper place.

The movie star slideshow.

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