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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Strawberry Jam

Last Saturday we made strawberry jam with our sweet kids, Emmett, Miriam, Emma, and Gracie. We had planned on attending a Renaissance Fair at a local park, hence the colorful and very interesting costumes on some of our children (Miriam in particular got very creative with her brother's shirt over her dress, with yellow rain boots to round out the ensemble!) We have more pictures of Emma than the rest because she stuck around to the end while her brother and sisters went outside to play.

We had such a great time, both making jam and later that day at the fair. Those times with our little ones pass way too quickly, it makes Mike and I want to savor everything about this time in their lives.

Make sure you check out a slidshow of our jam making adventure. By the way, the jam turned out awesome! Click here for the show.


At Sunday, 14 May, 2006, Blogger exposedvision photography said...

Great slideshow Davina! Your kids are just adorable! Looks like the family had a great time... great song to put with it too!


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