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Thursday, May 04, 2006

All kinds of dancing!

Debbie and Marcus had such a fun wedding up at Sundance. They have been together for a long time and love to just have fun. They had a really relaxed fun day...well except for maybe a little thing or two before the ceremony. :) I love the excitement and little stories that every wedding has. They are all different and so much of what makes every wedding unique.

I totally love dancing and I love taking pictures so when everyone is out there boogie-ing I'm pretty tempted to join in. It was hard to stay off the dance floor watching Debbie and her dad and then Marcus and Debbie swing dancing around and having such a great time! (I sure had fun taking some great pictures of all that though.) I have to say that this is the first wedding that I got to see Lebanese dancing. I so wanted to get out there and try it myself!

Thanks for making me feel so welcome after meeting you all for the first time. I had a blast hanging out with you! Check out your slideshow here.


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