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Monday, May 29, 2006

Once Upon a Spring Day

The skies were blue and the sun was shining after so many days of coldness, it was perfect! After getting a lot of family pictures, almost having me and my equipment go in the reflecting pool, and getting prevented from going into the Visitor's Center on Temple Square we decided it was time to head to the reception...but not before a pit stop at Blimpies. (Love those pictures!)

When I arrived at Stacia's house I couldn't believe what an amazing view they had from their backyard. It was breathtaking and the grounds were just gorgeous. This group had such a great time dancing! You have to check them out!

I think my favorite part of the night, though was when Stacia was standing around with a group of girls talking and Andrew ran out of the house, scooped her up, and said, "No more talking." and ran with her to the car. It was a great exit. :)

Here's their sneak peak!

The slideshow.

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