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Thursday, March 30, 2006

New feature!

Check out the subscribe button over on the right. If you want to receive an email whenever I put up a new post you can sign up and wha-la! you'll hear about it right away. I'm totally loving it. That way you get a reminder of when your wedding or a friend's wedding has been posted. Or maybe you just like to see all the cool places people are getting their pictures taken. Whatever your reason...make sure to subscribe!

You can also post comments to any post any time you want. Just scroll down to the end of a post and you'll see a little comments button on the bottom right. You can click on it and tell me what you think of a particular post, tell your friend which of her/his pictures are your faves, or you can just say Hi! I totally love to hear from you and so do your friends-- so send some of your love! :)

Do I not have some of the coolest people to photograph?! I think I am the luckiest photographer around!!


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