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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Double Digit Birthday

It's the big 1-0 for Emmett this year. He couldn't wait to get to his double digit birthday. He and his friends love to reach the double digit milestone. You have really accomplished something once you turn ten. For me, I can't believe another year has gone by. It really just doesn't seem possible. The last few years have gone more quickly than any of the others previous to them. I look at my son and remember so clearly the first days that I had him home with me. The sweet, wonderful smell of his baby skin, the big black eyes staring back at me that seemed so full of something that I didn't understand, and those tiny little fingers that attached to anything they could get a grip around. I miss those days and at the same time I love these days.

Emmett is such a sweet and kind boy. In a moment he can forgive and understand someone else's pain. In a moment he can grasp a difficult subject far beyond his years and comprehend it in a way that I am amazed by every time it happens. In a moment he can be a fury of action and then be a loving person who realizes that someone else needs help. He is an incredible blessing to our family. He is an adored big brother and an inspiring son.

In our family the kids get to have a big friend party when they turn 5 years old, ten years old, and 15 or 16 years old. With four kids having four friend parties a year gets to be a pretty big job. On the off years we have a fun family party. This year was the very anticipated 10 year old friend party for Emmett. He decided on a sports theme. They played flag football, smashed a pinata to smithereens as only boys can do, and had an all around great time. Emmett said the day was awesome.

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At Friday, 06 April, 2007, Blogger Captivating Studios said...

Awwwww.. I love the entries about your kids! So precious!

At Saturday, 07 April, 2007, Blogger jules bianchi said...

Your kids are SOOOO cute! They look so much like you, too!

At Monday, 09 April, 2007, Blogger Davina said...

I love you! You are the best, coolest son ever!!!

Love, Mom


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