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Friday, February 09, 2007

Carrying in Korea

Koreans are extremely hard workers. They work 12-14 hour days and a lot of the work is backbreaking. Oftentimes they get done working at midnight and are up by four or five in the morning to start all over again. So many of these people carry loads on their backs or on their heads for long distances...and they are fast. There were a number of times today that I would stake a place out and wait to see someone coming with a bundle on their head or back. I wanted to get a picture of someone's face. I finally realized that the more true to life picture is probably the one of their backs. They go so quickly that it's almost impossible to see them coming at you because they usually come from around an unexpected corner and pass you before you even know they were next to you. I really love these people and their sincerity. It's been so incredible to see how so many different people live.

We also went to a flower market today. I was amazed by the way it was set up and by the vast amount of color and flowers. It was really gorgeous while at the same time in such a simple and straightforward presentation. Definitely different from the flower shops in the United States.

Above the market

This is all garlic...whole garlic and crushed garlic. I think Koreans put it in just about everything.

The gate to the market.

Rule #1 in Korea. The motorcyles have the right of way...on the sidewalk. They actually drive on the sidewalk and you better get out of their way.

These ladies set up their goods on the sidewalks all around the city. I think they are my favorite. They are the more traditional street vendor; the younger, more modern street vendors have carts. You find both types of vendors side by side in every district.

Men and women are very separate here. The women form strong bonds of friendship, as do the men. Because they all work such long hours or go to school such long hours and are separated for the majority of the day they spend their lunches and walking through the city together. The women and girls all walk around arm in arm talking to each other. I love it and think it is very sweet and endearing. There are so many reasons that this isn't accepted in the United States. I would love it if it were, though. Women, young and old seem to really value one another's friendship. There is a stron feeling of cooperation and helping among them rather than that of competition.

And these are just some things that I saw.

I ate these for dinner.

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At Friday, 09 February, 2007, Blogger Michael J. Fear said...

You are my hero! I love your compassion and understanding of people and the incredibly huge heart that you have (not to mention your incredible beauty). It is a great blessing to be your husband.

Love you, Mike

At Friday, 09 February, 2007, Blogger Eden said...

Wow! I loved every single one of those pictures!

Have you ever been to Europe? I'm leaving for London pretty soon and would love to see some of your pictures from there if you have any! Something tells me they'd be awesome!;)

At Friday, 09 February, 2007, Anonymous Ginger Moseley said...

These pictures are so awesome, Davina! Thanks so much for sharing them. I really enjoyed them all, but the one of the older man making a fist with the younger couple in the background tells a story. Not sure if the picture matches the actual happenings, but it is great!! Travel safe!

At Friday, 09 February, 2007, Anonymous Becky said...

I am having so much fun sharing your vacation with you through your pictures and thoughts! Thanks for taking the time to share with all of us back home. What exactly was that thing you ate for dinner???

At Monday, 12 February, 2007, Anonymous Jules said...

Wow, you better send that stacked roses shot in for specific copyright protection cuz that's beautiful!

They're ALL beautiful! You do such inspiring work, Davina. I have you bookmarked.


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