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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pictage Partnercon

I love Pictage!!! Because of Pictage I have met so many wonderful photographers who are totally incredible people. They have helped me take my business to another level like no other company that I work with. I have been blessed by them in so many ways. So, of course, I couldn't pass up the chance to go to the Pictage Partnercon in Los Angeles! It was 2 days jam packed with great information and even better people.

A huge thanks to Raquel for working so tirelessly with the mentoring sessions to raise awareness and money for Thirst Relief International. So many mentors and so many awesome people gave so much time and money to save lives! Pictage and a long list of mentors helped to raise over $2300 for Thirst Relief International!!! Thank you everyone! It is always so wonderful to see how generous so many people are!

I'm also really grateful for the chance I had to give a presentation this year. I appreciate everyone who showed up and for the fabulous audience of people I got to speak to. All of you were really amazing...it couldn't have happened without you! Thanks!! (And my incredible husband for flying out just to be there for me...my presentation wouldn't have been what it was with out you!!)

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